Marva Hewitt, UK trained Environmental Health Practitioner, brings a wealth of experience in the field of food safety, having worked extensively with both private and public sector companies internationally and across the region as Senior Consultant.

A graduate of the University of Greenwich where she obtained a BSc in Environmental Health and an MSc in Food Safety, Quality and Control from South Bank University, she has earned the respect of her regional and international peers for her knowledge and skills in the field. Through her passion and commitment to achieving higher standards of food safety within industries, she has continued to realise the mission and vision of the Bureau to become the leading organisation that delivers on quality education to the sectors.

Her academic achievements, which also include an International Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health and Development (Sweden) are balanced with her practical expertise obtained during her eight-year tenure at Jamaica’s leading beer brewer, Desnoes and Geddes Ltd (now Red Stripe) where she was Occupational Health and Safety Manager and Industrial Hygienist.

She also lectures extensively throughout the region. Along with her team of technical experts and consultants, she has forged FHB into the leading organization of its kind in the region.