Guidelines for Jamaican Visas
•Persons needing a visa to enter Jamaica are required to submit the following documentation:

a One (1) photograph
b Applicant’s valid passport – with a least six months validity)
c Travel itinerary
d Letter from employer (for business purposes)
e Work Permit (if the applicant will be employed in Jamaica)
f Fee – £25 (plus additional £5 for return post)- payable in cash or postal orders.

Personal cheques are not accepted.

•Persons eligible to receive visas at the port of entry must satisfy the Immigration Authorities in Jamaica of their bonafides. Visitors should also be in posession of the following documentation:

a Valid passport (with at least six months validity);
b Return ticket with re-entry visa for persons who are not nationals of their present country of residence, or onward ticket with visa for another destination;
c Sufficient funds are required for the visit. Adequate arrangements have been made for accommodation and maintenance during the visit.

Please allow at least three business days for processing. If the visa application has been referred to Jamaica for approval, applicant should allow 2-3 weeks for processing.

Cayman nationals are required to pay the equivalent of US$102.40;
Zimbabwean nationals are required to pay the equivalent of US$100.00.

The cost of visas at the port of entry is:

Old Fee: US$20.00 New Fee: US$100.00 (effective October 13, 2014)
There is a charge of US$350.00 for individuals who arrive at Port of Entry without the requisite visa.
The cost for persons who wish to extend their stay beyond the Visa Exemption period: JM$ 50,000
The cost for persons who have overstayed their time, but wish to regularise their stay in the island JM$ 50,000

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