The 2017 Food Safety and Security Conference comes from the demand from our industry players as well as our mission to educate and update Caribbean food industry personnel in global changes, challenges and the importance of best practices and international standards.  We will bring together an arena of food safety experts to share on topical and challenging issues, networking opportunities and to provide a forum through workshops, presentations and exhibitions.  Presenters for the Conference will feature some of the industries leading experts, accreditation and regulatory bodies along with international distribution giants.

Day 1 Topics:

  • Setting the scene in food safety – global perspectives
  • Building a robust FS programme, what does it look like?
  • Understanding FSMA and the Foreign Suppliers Verification Programme. Caribbean readiness

Day 1 Concurrent Sessions:

  • Food safety cost of profit – a tourism concern
  • Food fraud – a paradigm shift
  • Politics of genetically modified foods, past, present and future
  • A HACCP importance in FS management – can we rely on it?
  • Innovative and new technology in fresh food preservation
  • Auditing HACCP systems in food premises
  • Microorganisms of importance in food plants
  • llergens, the hidden hazards on your menu… how to protect your profits through labelling compliance
  • Food traceability, consumer rights through labelling

Day 2 Topics:

  • Motivation over penalty, FS cultural challenges
  • Caribbean updates on foodborne illness trends… global perspectives
  • Reflection on food safety learning – the journey for industry
  • Community Tourism implications, opportunities and threats

Day 2 Concurrent Sessions:

  • Effectiveness if FS enforcement in different cultures
  • Developing an environmental monitoring program for small and medium sized enterprises
  • FS for fresh produce
  • Readiness in export – What does it mean?
  • Implementing FS management through risk assessment (Safer food for Better Business, (SFBB)
  • Case study: Getting it right the first time… importance in Export a fresh approach
  • Labelling laws – understanding what is required for nutrition labelling
  • FS Manager proctor examination